Kenya Grand Africa AA

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One of the most reputable Arabicas in the world – AA class coffee beans and 85 points in the SCA rating!

Kenya is known for its very high quality. This is thanks to climatic conditions (temperature and heavy rainfall) in these regions, fertile volcanic soils, well managed bean trading system and clasification of their quality. The most reputable coffee from Kenya is a variety of Arabica named SL34, developed in 1930s in Scott Laboratories in Nairobi (SL – Scott Laboratories). This is the coffee that we offer you here.

Kenya Grand Africa is cultivated on small farms at the foot of Mount Kenya. It’s harvested manually – harvesting only ripe fruit, as coffee grows unevenly. These harvested coffee “cherries” are being cleansed with crystal clear water (Mount Kenya region is a national park) and then dried in the sun. After sorting, these coffee beans travel to coffee roasteries all over the world.

Kenya Grand Africa is a coffee with pleasant fruit acidity, citrus-flowery notes with sensible accents of cherry, apricot and jasmine.  It has a complex flavor profile, it’s refreshing and aromatic. It’s not perfect for an espresso, but it’s one of the best as a black coffee from Chemex or drip coffee maker.