Kenya Milima – African Black Tea 125g

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The tea cultivation and production in Kenya and India was started by British in the late 19th century and early 20th century. At the beginning, Kenyas tea wasn’t the highest quality, but tea bush have greatly assimilated with The Black Land and tea knowledge, its cultivation techniques were greatly improved. Now the teas of Kenya are highly recommended and reputable.

Our Kenyan tea plantation is located in west part of the country in Kericho province, near the famous Mau Nature Reserve. The plantation is known for amazing, high quality black teas, which are considered the best teas in Milima. It’s strong and intense, reminding of Indian Assam. However it’s bitterless and its flavor is delicately sweet.

The technical mark of this tea is GFBOP – Golden Flowery Broken Orange Pekoe – which means that it consists of big, long, broken leaves resulting in golden colored drink.
It’s a one time brew tea (like most of black teas). Brew time is around 2-3 minutes in the temperature of 95°C.

The tea is packed in an aesthetic, metal can (125g).

Every one of our teas can be bought in an aesthetic can or as a refill in a cellophane bag for a slightly lower price. Both of these options contain 125g of tea. It’s a leaf tea, so you might need a tea brewer »