About us – Single Origin coffee roastery

We won't roast a single bean until you place an order! Each order is roasted individually, only after its submission - this is a guarantee of freshness, taste and aroma of coffee, which you order in the Single Orign online store.
There is one way to quality - striving for perfection! We are still looking for ways to improve the quality of our offer, coffee and the level of customer service.
Types of coffee roast - find out more about the degrees of roast of coffee and which method is best for you!
Types of coffee grinding for various devices. Did you know that ground coffee for an espresso machine should be much finer than the one we brew through drips or traditionally? Find out more about how to grind coffee and the types of grinding
Experiment with coffee! We will prepare each bean in the way you like!
We will tell you the story of each coffee bean in stock!
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