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Comprehensive beans' offer from around the world

Comprehensive beans' offer
from around the world

Crafting experience since 2009

Crafting experience
since 2009

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Supreme mastery through craftmanship experience

Every roast is always supervised by Michael Socha himself - the founder of Single Origin roastery, who roasts coffee beans since 2009. He also shares his coffee knowledge & experience on the coffees.guru blog since 2015.

In our roastry, it's not the computer or some procedure that decides whether the coffee is ready. It's decided by professional eye, smell and knowledge of how particular coffee bean should look like in a specific roasting level.

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as possible

In Single Origin roastery we won't start roasting until you place your order - we do not store roasted coffee.

Thanks to that you are guaranteed to recieve a fresh coffee, that will reach you when it tastes the best (2 to 3 days after roasting).

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Soft coffee taste with no acidity

We know that many of you - besides the highest quality - look for low acidity coffee.
Coffees listed below will never be sour.

Specialty Coffee Roastery

Most of coffees we offer in Single Origin are specialty beans - highly scored, top-quality coffees assessed by SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) or its local branches (eg SCAA - Specialty Coffee Association of America).

In our roastery, we only roast coffee beans from latest harvests - from trustworthy farmers, who treat coffee growing not only as their income, but as their way of life, you could say that it's their passion. Most of these farms are family farms, where knowledge of growing coffee is passed down through generations.

Michael Socha - the founder of Single Origin - roasted his first coffee beans in 2008. Since then we roast coffee beans, only on demand - every day we wait for your order till midday, so we can roast exactly the amount you wished for.

After roasting, coffee beans need to rest, so we can pack them the next day and send it on a trip to your cup. Our specialty roastery works in this way since 2009!

The freshest coffee shop

In our roastery, you can buy coffee from almost any price segment. Starting with the highest quality specialty coffee - that our roastery specializes in - ending at coffee beans priced like coffees from supermarkets. Though we always guarantee you that you buy high quality coffee beans, roasted with the mastery of Polish craft coffee roastery.

Single Origin coffee shop has also a very detailed descriptions attached to all of our coffee beans, in a simple and understandable form. Every coffee also has detailed parameters (origination, rating, type or crops growing height), you can also find a short description that tells you what to expect from each coffee.

Our staff is also full of passionate people, who are eager to help if needed. Educating our Customers is a mission fused into our roastery and we love to do it - if you have any questions regarding either coffee or our offer - we are always at your disposal!

Coffee's FAQ

Below you can find some basic information and answers for the most asked questions coming from our customers.

Never keep it in the fridge - this is the most popular fake information. The best place is a closed cupboard, in the room temperature, in our original coffee bags, which are designed to keep fresh roasted coffee. This will be the most optimal method of coffee storage.

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General rule is that the longer grinded coffee particles are in touch with water, the bigger they should be. That means that coffee beans used in an espresso machine should be fine grounded, for an Aeropress or coffee pot you should use middle grounds. French press or classical overflow brewing on the other hand should use coarsely ground coffee. It is also very important that size of ground coffee beans is consistent between all of them.

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These are high quality coffee beans that you can trust. It's both very high SCA score (above 80 points) and the way of treating coffee beans on plantation, during transport, during storage and finally the mastercraft of roasting them in our roastery. Are specialty coffees expensive? They usually above 20€/kg.

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In our coffees descriptions you can read about 3 dominant flavor parameters (strength, intensity, acidity), but also about aroma notes. To say it simple - it's a aftertaste, that you can sense in your cup and it "stays" on your tongue. Experienced q-graders can identify even a dozen different aromas and you can extract many different notes during roasting. They are important to you, mainly because they consist for the "overall" taste of your coffee - it's worth to pay attention to them.

Below you will find a link to a detailed article on this topic, but in the consumer reality (without the appropriate knowledge and evaluation tools), the question can be answered briefly - you have to trust the person from whom you buy coffee. So you need to find a trustworthy person.

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No, it's not! Coffee is for you and not the other way around. Even though we always try to convince our Customers to taste coffee without any additions, as sugar kills the natural sweetness of (some) coffee beans and milk drastically changes the taste of a coffee. Our Customers often tell us that thanks to us they stopped adding sugar to their coffees. So you should also try it!

You can use any milk, but it's good to know that a regular 3,2% (obviously skipping baristas goals, where every permil of protein contained in milk matters). Lactose-free milk will hardly foam and it's better not to use any kind of condensed or modified milk.

Against the popular opinion - it's not an espresso from dark roasted coffee. You will get the most caffeine from overflow method, using lightly roasted coffee beans. Robusta has got twice as much caffeine than Arabica.

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