Chemex Classic Coffee Maker 450 ml

37.69  excl. VAT

Similar to Italian Bialetti percolators, Chemex’ Coffee Maker is an iconic product (it’s an element of a permanent exposition in New Yorks Musem of Modern Art).

Chemex Coffee Maker Glass Handle is a simple and efficient coffee maker, designed by dr Peter Schlumbohm, the founder of Chemex company. It’s entirely made of glass and lacks any movable elements, which guarantee its reliablility. Coffee is brewed by first folding the paper filter into shape and placing it into the neck of the flask, then adding coffee and pouring it with hot water. Our black coffee liquefies in the bottom part of the device.

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  • Made in the USA
  • High quality glass
  • Easily cleaned (just pour it with water, detergents can be used from time to time)
  • Capacity: 900 ml


37.69  excl. VAT